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How to use a Safety Razor: A women’s guide

Bambaw safety razor with forsythia blossoms.

First of all: The most important thing is that you should not be afraid. The razor is what it promises to be: safe! 

The second thing: Human beings have hair all over the body, even women. For some it might sound crazy, but it’s true. It’s part of you and you should not be ashamed about it. But whenever you want to eliminate it – the safety razor is a brilliant choice. 

And third: If you are not a woman and you want to shave your legs, arms, armpits or wherever, feel free to read on.  


The questions we will figure out: 
Why should use a safety razor? 
Can I even use it for sensitive parts?  
How to use it for the different parts of your body. 
Some frequently asked questions. 

    Why should I use a safety razor? 

    Nothing easier than answering this question. 

    It is:  

    • Friendly to the environment, because neither the razor nor the blades are packed in or contain any plastic, so you don't contribute to the problem of plastic pollution 
    • Friendly to your bank account, because once bought you can keep it forever and there is no need to buy expensive blades constantly 
    • Friendly to your skin because the shave is especially soft and even perfect for people with very sensitive skin  

    Can I use the safety razor for all parts of my body? 

    Yes, you can use it for your whole body.  

    How do I shave my legs with a safety razor? 

    Women shaving her leg with a Bambaw Safety Razor.

    When you use your safety razor for the first time, try to keep it slow, meaning not in the well-known “I need to leave in 5 minutes, but I have to shave my legs before” mood. The razor will be your trusted companion for a long time, so take your time to get to know each other. 

    Always use a blade which is literally razor-sharp, a dull blade is one of the main reasons for razor burn and shaving rash.  

    Be sure that your legs are thoroughly wet. Hair swollen with water gets weaker and is easier to cut. If you have a sensitive skin, you can additionally use a soap or shaving cream to make sure the razor blade can go over your skin smoothly. 

    Rinse the razor head before you start and after every few swipes to remove accumulated shaving cream and hairs and to keep the blade wet. Hold the razor in a 30° to 40° angle to the surface of your skin, apply only little pressure and let the razor do the work. The fact that it is well balanced ensures a thorough shave. Going with the grain, meaning with the natural direction of hair growthis another very important key to avoid razor bumps and other unwanted effects. 

    Take care on bony parts like your knees or ankles. Just pull the loose skin and shave them carefully 

    If you want to shave your arms, follow the same instructions as for the legs to guarantee a smooth shave.  

    The key facts: 
    • Wet or foamed legs 
    • Angle of around 30° to 40° to your skin 
    • Go WITH the grain 
    • Use a sharp blade  

    What about the armpits? 

    I don’t know about you, but I shave my arm pits almost every time I take a shower. And yes, I also do it with my safety razor. It is as easy as shaving the legs and you can follow the same key facts.  

    Nice to know for a thorough shave is the “three-way pass” method. You start to wet your arm pits and use some shaving cream afterwards. Or, when you shave in the shower, you can just use your natural soap. Then you start shaving “with the grain” on the first pass, “across the grain” with the second pass and “against the grain” with the third and final pass. For some, the first and second pass are already enough.  

    They key facts: 
    • Wet or foamed arm pits
    • First with the grain 
    • Then across the grain 
    • Last against the grain 

    How do I shave sensitive zones like the bikini area? 

    Seems to be a tricky issue, but it’s not! When you follow the basics, wet skin, shaving with the grain, angle of around 30° to 40° and a sharp blade, you will have a smooth shape.  

    That's it?

    Yes, that is all and it is easy. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it as much as I do.  
    Bambaw Safety Razor o a towel.
    And never forget, it is only up to you if, when and which part of your body you shave.
    You are beautiful – with every single hair! 

    Some questions that might pop up in your mind. 

    How often do I need to change the blades of my safety razor? 

    There is no general answer. It depends on how often you shave and which areas of your body you shave and it also depends on the blade you are using. You should be aware of the shaving quality, and when you recognize occurring razor bumps it’s time to change. I personally change the blade about every two months. 

    How do I take care of my safety razor? 

    Don’t store your razor in the shower. Even if it is stainless steel the material doesn’t like to be in a humid surrounding. After every 4 to 5 shaves I disassemble my razor in his 4 parts, clean them carefully and let them dry on a towel over night.  

    Can I bring a safety razor in cabin package on an Airplane? 

    Yes, you can. The only problem might be the blade – that’s a bit tricky and up to the airport staffIt is best to bring your razor without a blade, so you are safe on this part. You can cover the blade in paper and put it somewhere safe, for example with your jewellery. Although, if the security staff does take your blade away don’t worry. Razor blades are easily available in a lot of stores in nearly every country.